B. Braun Taiwan – 30 Years in the Making

B. Braun Taiwan – 30 Years in the Making

On the 5th September 2019, B. Braun Taiwan reached another significant milestone – its 30th Anniversary since the establishment in 1989. The special occasion was joyously celebrated on Wednesday 11th September, with employees from Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. The Taipei office was soon illuminated by a common theme; a dress code to display the signature colors of green, violet, white and black.

B. Braun Taiwan has been organising internal Sharing Sessions since early 2019, two of which were planned for the event. Five colleagues with different professional backgrounds were invited to Share Expertise. Jessica Liou (Sales Executive – Infusion Therapy, Nutrition Therapy and Pain Therapy) vividly portrayed her 10-year experience of looking after critically ill patients in the Intensive Care Unit, while Lucia Wang (Sales Executive – Infusion Therapy, Nutrition Therapy and Pain Therapy) elaborated the processes during her six years in the Operation Room. The second Sharing Session was led by B. Braun Taiwan’s top 3 salesperson, Kate Yu (Sales Supervisor – Surgical Asset Management & Suture and Biosurgical), Jerry Tsai (Sales Supervisor – Spine & Neurosurgery), and Avis Huang (Sales Executive – Spine & Neurosurgery), who gave advice on how they made constructive dialogues with customers and partners to ensure successful results. Through the meaningful sharing, the colleagues were reminded of their original intentions of joining the healthcare industry, encouraging them to continuously protect and improve the health of people in Taiwan.

Following this was a retrospect and prospect session. The 30th Anniversary project team designed an “8-ups” drawing and story-telling game to reflect the company’s development throughout the years, namely the two office migrations in 2003 and 2011. Each employee demonstrated their artistic talents, conveying what they were doing in 2003, 2011, the year they joined B. Braun Taiwan and their future outlook of 2027.

Before the celebration dinner, there was a big thank you to all the colleagues; regardless whether they were with B. Braun for 8 years, 8 months or even 8 weeks. There would always be someone in mind to thank. The attendees wrote cards, which were then proudly exhibited along the hallway.

Mr. Sinan Eserman, the Managing Director of B. Braun Taiwan, attended the celebration and expressed his sincere happiness for the marking of 30 Years. He was delighted to announce that the company won the 2019 Golden Merchants Award as the Outstanding Foreign Company for its Taiwan market investment, great employee benefits and outstanding dedication to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In the Employee Appreciation, a special commendation was presented to Chantie Liao (Exective – Regulatory Affairs) for her impressive wall painting, each signifying a certain aspect of B. Braun Taiwan. She was also the designer behind the children painting project, a CSR event that fundraised for the Institute for the Blind of Taiwan. 

B. Braun Group CEO, Ms. Anna Maria Braun, and APAC President, Mr. Lam Chee Hong, congratulated B. Braun Taiwan through a compilation video, reminding everyone of their time spent with the company. The touching moment was quickly uplifted during the first appearance of the Employee Branding video, starring 8 of B. Braun Taiwan’s employees. Dinner ended with a “25 questions about B. Braun Taiwan” quiz game and laughter drew the 30th Anniversary Celebration to a perfect end.

A contribution by Ms. Braun during her speech resonated with the employees long after the celebration; B. Braun Taiwan will undoubtedly continue expanding for another 30 years to come.