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  • Scam alert: Bogus representation for the sale of B. Braun masks

    B. Braun has been made aware that certain individuals are using our company name to sell fraudulent products.

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  • B. Braun wins the prestigious 73rd "Golden Merchant Award"

    The “Golden Merchant Award” is one of the oldest “national-level enterprise” selection awards in the Republic of China, Taiwan and is well-known in the country. To encourage foreign investment in Taiwan, the “Outstanding Foreign Firms” award category was added in 1984. Since then, the selected foreign companies have all been internationally renowned and important multinational businesses that have greatly contributed to Taiwan’s industrial and commercial prosperity. This value is highly treasured by the Taiwanese government. This year in 2019, at the 73rd Golden Merchant Award, B. Braun Taiwan was honored as a winner for the "Outstanding Foreign Firms" category due to our investment, employee benefits and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

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  • B. Braun Taiwan – 30 Years in the Making

    On the 5th September 2019, B. Braun Taiwan reached another significant milestone – its 30th Anniversary since the establishment in 1989. The special occasion was joyously celebrated on Wednesday 11th September, with employees from Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. The Taipei office was soon illuminated by a common theme; a dress code to display the signature colors of green, violet, white and black.

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