Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is an important guiding principle of B. Braun's corporate activities

As a corporate citizen, the company is involved around the world in activities that extend beyond its own core business. B. Braun Taiwan's Corporate Communications has a responsibility to guide our employees in the field of corporate standards, guidelines and tools. We  support our employees in Communications by offering personal and direct consultation to enable them to implement the B. Braun standards in a professional manner. Supplemented by our Regional Corporate Communications - Knowledge Management, we aim to provide our colleagues with sufficient knowledge to achieve our common communication and corporate social responsibility goals.

Furthermore, B. Braun Taiwan follows B. Braun Global Corporate Social Responsibility Policy to mainly focus and support under privilege CHILDREN of Taiwan.

B. Braun Taiwan kick off CSR Project in 2015, four projects are completed, where three projects support an orphanage institute and one project support victims from a severe explosion happened at an amusement park.  Softaman is donated to an orphanage in line with their hand hygiene program; Dermatone handle, Dermatone blades Dermatone and Skin graft mesher are supplied to hospital under an extreme rush notice in order to perform surgery on explosion victims.

Continuing in 2016, we took the advice from APAC President – Ms. Braun; to let the children directly benefited though our sponsorship.  Therefore, B. Braun Taiwan incorporates “B. Braun Scholarship” with Zhongshan Elementary School; all scholarship prizes are directly awarded to children.  B. Braun Scholarship targets for under privilege children with three categorized awards:  merit, b) talent, and c) graduation trip.  All candidates are nominated by teachers then screening and final selection is made by School Affair Management. 

Another special scholarship program design and manufacture tennis uniform for Tennis Team Zhongshan Elementary School, players are eager to participate competition; but it’s a pity that tennis outfit cost might be a burden to some of them.  B. Braun spot this need, initial and take lead on this project, 29 sets tennis uniform are donated to the team.  All players are so excited with their new outfit and B. Braun is proud to be the FIRST supporter to Zhongshan Elementary Tennis Team for tennis uniforms those are embedded with B. Braun Logo on the left sleeve.  This project aligns with B. Braun’s vision – we improve the health of the people by sponsoring a sport team.

School provides the list of Awardees with their family background, 18 students (82%) are from low income family, 2 students (9%) are disable and 2 students (9%) are suffered with diseases; but all these children are holding their heads up with positive attitudes toward life.  Whenever we run CSR Projects, we are inspired and touched by the children; sometimes we feel that they are stronger then we are.

In 2017, B. Braun Taiwan team up with Taipei Medical University (TMU) that is top 10 ranking in Taiwan for a Summer Camp Project.  They offer science and medical related courses to young talents who are eager to learn medical related knowledge; it is indeed a good example of “Sharing Expertise” practice.  Children enjoy the courses and really look forward to 2018 Summer Camp.

B. Braun will continue our support and contribution to Taiwan society to let the "Love and Help Chain" passes on; our arms will reach out more and more children and embrace them with Love & Care.