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B. Braun Apps


B. Braun offers different Medical Apps for physicians, medical students, and other health care professionals that are useful in the hospital, clinic, or for educational use.

Aesculap® OrthoPilot® App:

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OrthoPilot Website

Find the balance. Test drive the world's foremost Orthopedic Navigation System using the interactive femoral planning tool to find the optimum ligament tension for a number of simulated total knee cases. In addition the OrthoPilot® App introduces you to all OrthoPilot® software modules in the KneeSuite, HipSuite and SportsMedSuite. You will find detailed step by step 3D animated surgical techniques, OR videos, product information and interesting web links.



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About 30% of all patients in hospital are undernourished. A large part of these patients are undernourished when admitted to hospital and in the majority of these, undernutrition develops further while in hospital. Although malnutrition is common in chronically ill patients, this issue is often neglected. A simple screening of risk groups and a systematic nutrition therapy of these patients can prevent malnutrition. The App NuTRIscreen includes different screening tools recommended by the ESPEN (European  Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition) guidelines.
The App also included a Short Guide – Clinical Nutrition of the Adult: This is a practical guide about how to support your patients with adequate nutrition. There is a lot more to be found on our nutrition site, www.nutrition-partner.com.
The part Nutrition with Multi-Chamber-Bags contain information about the B. Braun Multi-Chamber bags for parenteral nutrition. According to national laws, only medical professionals (e. g. doctors and pharmacists) are allowed to obtain this information. To enter it for the first time you need a DocCheck password.


B. Braun SGC Tutorial:

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The App introduces you to the practice of glucose control using the B. Braun Space automated infusion system. The tutorial explains the scientific background developing the mathematical algorithm which is the basis of the decision support system.
By means of several case studies in clinical practice you can interactively experience the run of the blood glucose values over time in certain therapies.
The result of the glucose control by the system is clearly demonstrated and explained with scientific comments. Enteral and parenteral nutrition is also considered as well as the Insulin therapy.
In excess of handling the system the user learns about the importance of safe and reproducible stable blood glucose control within a requested target range to improve patient outcome.


RKU Compact RKU:

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"RKU Compact" is a tutorial on peripheral regional anesthesia. It was developed in cooperation with the Department of  Anesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy of the Ulm Rehabilitation Hospital (RKU). It offers the following content:

  • Background and general information about nerve stimulation, medication, sonography, anatomy and methods of application

  • Clearly arranged instructions of the nerve block techniques for upper and lower extremities

  • Dual Guidance: Functional application of the ultrasound guided nerve block techniques

  • If you have further comments or suggestions please contact us.